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How To Have The Roach Control For A Better Hygiene?


The roaches can survive in the extreme conditions, even a roaches without head can survive long enough to crawl around for a few days. There are around 4000 varies of species which consists of 6 families. Although there are 4000 types, only a few bring trouble to humans.


To control roaches from infest, you should learn how to identify the common type of theirs as some are strongly resistant to certain types of pesticides used on other type of roaches. The most common roaches are American and German. Here I present a short account on the characteristic of the most common roaches.


The American Roach


It is found in southern United States which is the largest of these 3 common species. Besides American roach, it is also known as water or palmetto bug. Through mankind and transportation, they have spread throughout the country becoming more adaptable to the environment. The American roaches can fly around and prefer cooler areas. It is much easier to control as compared to the German roaches.


The German Roaches



Basically it is originated from Africa. These roaches are not so adaptable to colder climates. Even if there is, it will be living near to human housing areas where we produce heat as much we needed. Often it is found in hotels, restaurants and hospitals. These roaches move with a large group and most of the time they are seen in daylight. The release pungent odor to protect themselves. One main thing of the German roaches we need to care about is that they reproduce very fast.


Controlling this pest may not sound easy as it seems but with the right steps you can get rid of it without having any mess and hassle. Firstly to control, you will have to identify the source where this cockroach crawls out. It can be in your cupboard, drain or even sinkhole.


Without identifying them, using roach repellent will not work by means of spraying and placing pesticide without knowing anything.


After you found the source or roughly guess where it is coming from, you may choose either to use pesticide or any other methods which are suitable. Pesticide is the best option if you want to completely kill all the roaches in your house. The reason why is simply because it will bring the poison back to its nest. If there is an army of roaches, for example, the German, you may want to use glue trap.


Making sure everything is clear and past will not be the future again, I would suggest you to use moth balls or bay leaves to place around the place where it is previously infested. The roach control is one of the important ways to keep them from reproducing and bring diseases.


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